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Post-Secondary Initiatives

Lunch & Learn

Lunch and Learn is an opportunity for small groups of students to meet directly with college representatives. Open to all students, but targeted to students who meet the criteria.

Campus Visits

Students who meet the admissions requirements to attend a particular school will be invited to apply for a seat on the bus for a trip to a school campus. Priority will be given to seniors in the fall, and juniors in the spring. Schools and dates for the trips are still to be determined.

College Cafe

This college informational kiosk is located in the FCHS cafeteria! It can provide you with the college information that you need! This includes: college applications, searches, transcripts, scholarships, and other relevant information about the search, application, and acceptance process.

Overnight to MTSU

Students may apply to participate in a “college camp” overnight visit to MTSU in the summer. Students will have the opportunity to tour the campus, meet with current students, participate in a class, and learn about financial aid opportunities. Contact Rachel Brown if you are interested in attending College Camp.

Mentoring Program

Student mentors from the University of the South visit to FCHS each week providing students with support with school searches, applications, resume building, and application essay and scholarship support. The mentors provide a resource for FCHS students to meet students who have recently participated in the admissions process. Mentors are also able to give voice to what it means to be a college student.


Monday mornings are a time when students may explore their educational options for the future in a classroom with faculty support. iPads are used to fill out applications, write scholarship essays, and research schools and colleges